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The process for riders

Step 1 - Registration

Where do I start? First you need an equi-league account. You can register for this at https://my.equi-league.com which will give you all the necessary procedures such as entries, results and uploading the videos etc.

After you register you will receive an email with an activation link. Click on this link and immediately you can register at my.equi-league.com. After you have logged in, various functions are available. Here you have the choice between the management of your horses, the area for entries, as well as ongoing tests. The archive is also available for previous tests or classes.

Step 2 - Managing Horses

In order to enter a competition, you need at least one horse. We have an extensive archive of horse rider combinations. However If this is your first time using our system then you will need to enter the information manually. Enter the national ID or FEI ID of the horse. If available, the horse will appear and then all you need to do is select it.

If no horse is found, you can enter the horse's data manually here. To check the data we need a copy of the first 2 pages of the horse passport. You can then upload it in this area.

Step 3 - Doing Entries

After adding the horses, various classes are now available in the entry area. Each one has different entry requirements. However, you will only be shown the class for which you can name. If classes are listed here that are not suitable for you, you can also hide this type of class and later display it again if necessary using your profile settings.

You will also be informed about the necessary requirements for the riding arena and the obstacle material required for jumping competitions.

If you select a class, you will be marked for it and the request will be sent to the organizer. Depending on the type of competition, the entry fee may also be due at this point. After acceptance by the organizer, you will receive an email and may then be asked to provide certain information to provide at your start time. You can then make all the necessary settings in the back office under my.equi-league.com.

Step 4 - Competition

All tests or rounds must be filmed and the video uploaded to us. The video must be in one piece and uncut. Likewise, the videos may not be reworked or changed. Depending on the type of test or round, there are different requirements. You can find details on this in the instructions, which you can download in the back office right next to the above-mentioned competition. In dressage tests, the entrance is usually made approx. 2 meters behind the judge at C. In jumping competitions, it would be the middle of the long side of the arena.

With jumping competitions, you will be informed in advance of the course with distances and jumps and how it should be set up.

At the specified start time you will see a code word in the back office of my.equi-score.com at which time the countdown begins. Depending on the type of class, you have a specific time window here to perform your test or round. After you have finished the test or round, stop the recording and confirm the end of your ride in the back office.

Upload the video to our server via the back office within 1 hour.

Step 5 - Judging

The jury sees all participants in an overview as well as the uploaded video. As soon as the video is fully uploaded, it is subjected to the judging. The judges then watch the video and give a rating and comments. With the evaluation you will be placed into the result list. The results can be viewed at any time via equi-score.de. The official result will be known no later than one hour after the specified judging period.

The submitted ratings and comments can then be viewed in your back office at any time.


Then it's best to register at my.equi-league.com!

The process for organizers

Step 1 - Registration

Currently only selected organizers, judges and course builders are invited to participate in the initial test phase. If you are interested in this, please feel free to register with us. We will then contact you.

When you register, you will receive the necessary access data from us with which you can log in via the website.

Step 2 - Events

After you have registered, you must first create an event. To do this, you must define the event name, the implementation period, the entry period and the scope, e.g. only limited to a certain federal state or to certain types of classes.

After the event has been created, you can start writing the tests and classes right away.

Step 3 - Competitions

After you have created an event, you have the option to create various competitions. Select the appropriate competition type here. Certain requirements are stored for the corresponding competition type. However, you also have the option of selecting additional criteria in addition to the existing ones. The judges and the course builder must also be defined here. The additional criteria is a first selection, if you have further ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you have defined competition, we still need approval so that it is available online. Here we check the settings and whether the requirements fit.

After you have defined the period of the entries, the competition is then proposed to the tabs. You will be informed of any inquiries you have received and can respond to them via the organizer back office.

All confirmed entries will be summarized in a list of participants and will be published on equi-score.com after their approval.

Step 4 - Judging

In addition to you as the organizer, the judges and course builders also have access. They register during the competition and are also shown the list of participants. Depending on the competition setting, it may also be hidden, as tabs 1 to X. The list of participants is automatically updated, and the judges see incoming videos.

In parallel to the upcoming evaluation, the competitions are checked by us. To ensure fairness, it is important to us that videos are all correct and in accordance with the rules and defined parameters which have been included. This means that they have to be taken from the correct position in one piece and without a cut. The sound must be on and the correct code word must be given. Post-processing is also not permitted. In the event of a discrepancy, the judges will be informed, and the participant will be put on hold in the evaluation. Should the discrepancies be confirmed after a more intensive examination, the participant will be removed from the evaluation.

By clicking on the participant, the judges will see the video and the evaluation sheet. Here you then carry out the assessment and, depending on the competition, enter a comment. With the evaluation, the result is published directly on equi-score.de and is visible to everyone in the context of a live result. If all participants have been assessed or the time has expired, the competition is ended, and the official final results are published.

Participants will be informed of the end of the competition by email.


If we have sparked your interest or you have any questions, please write to us or call us without obligation and will be happy to call or email you back!

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