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If an idea does not sound absurd in the beginning, then there is no hope for it.

Albert Einstein

Virtual shows for those interested

What is equi-league.com?

Sport is about performance and of course, results. You can't always participate in person and have the opportunity to experience the special unique atmosphere of every event. What if I only want to assess my level in a small group relative to my peers? What if the event is too far away?

In order to close this gap, the idea of virtual tournaments has become increasingly popular in recent years. Until now, the existing platforms only serve a small area of the actual possibilities. Up to this point, there has never been a professional comprehensive opportunity to compete virtually.With equi-league we offer a comprehensive platform for a wide variety of equestrian sports and disciplines, which automates the technical processes. As the organizer, you can concentrate on the essentials!

On equi-league.com the know-how of EN GARDE Marketing GmbH is combined with the proven technology of the equi-score.com platform. The extensive network, the contacts and the technology to allow virtual tournaments to take place on a professional level will now be available to interested organizers.


In the first phase, we will put equi-league through a series of closed test events. Then we will open the platform to other organizers step by step. With daily changes regarding the Coronvirus and the restrictions that have been adopted to contain the pandemic we are monitoring the situation daily. We want to continue to promote the horse sport in these difficult times in compliance with the applicable legal regulations and restrictions!

The main facts


The list of features is extensive but here are the key points:

  • Support for dressage and show jumping tests
  • Automated workflows for uploading and rating videos
  • Competitions with different parameters can be set individually
  • Orientation to national and international regulations
  • Automated publication of participant and result lists
  • Extensive management of schedules and competitions
  • Support from national and international judges and course designers
  • Timely evaluation and assessment of the individual rides
  • Back office for riders for naming tests and reviewing your results
  • Individual layout settings with your own templates for integration into your website
  • Use of the proven equi-score.com platform for results

  Cooperation and partners  
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